2 Days Bushcraft Shelter Camping:Survival Skills, Camp Cooking, Wild Forest Camp,Primitive, ASMR,DIY



How to build a small tiny house off the grid in the wild.Primitive survival shelter, fireplace inside, bushcraft camp, wildlife, wood cooking, DIY, ASMR, winter wild camping, survival skills.

Hello everyone!

I am very happy and grateful to be able to share another of my adventures with you. In this video I stay overnight in a shelter I made earlier. Sleeping in a shelter I built with my own hands always gives me special pleasure. I rested better than in my own bed, the dog and I didn’t wake up until dawn. The outside temperature at night was -6C, and in the shelter by the fire, it was a pleasant 15-18C.

During the day I made a table, a bed, and stairs, and prepared a lot of wood for a long winter night. We grilled chicken and ate nicely. It was a wonderful experience, thank you for watching, if you like SUBSCRIBE.

Fireplace inside, Hiking, Outdoors, Survival, Primitive skills, Camp cooking, Off-grid, Hand tools, Bushcraft.

My videos cover log cabin, shelter, winter camping, primitive technology, bushcraft, wilderness survival, outdoor skills, DIY, fishing, bushcraft gear like knives, saws, axes…

Follow me on my adventures as I seek to develop my skillset and pass on what I know to you guys.

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I hope you Like it.


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