24 Life Hacks To Make Your Life Easier


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Watch hacks we’ve prepared in today’s video! We’ll show how to make your life easier, using simple tricks!

Supplies and Tools:
• Lighter
• Foil
• Scissors
• Hot glue gun
• Binder clips
• Food sticks
• Pin
• Clip
• Scotch
• Self-adhesive hooks
• Embroidery frame
• Syntepon
• Cloth
• Buttons
• Clockwork
• Pillowcase
• Pool noodles
• Double sided tape
• Rolls of toilet paper
• Craft paper
• Caps from bottles
• Plastic bottle
• Hole puncher
• Stationery knife
• Video tapes
• Spray paint
• Straws
• Felt
• Rope
• Tapes
• Tube from chips
• Magazine
• Cement
• Box
• Food film
• Cup

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