3 Important Water Survival Skills You Must Know [Drowning Prevention Tips]


Whether you are a proficient swimmer or aquaphobic you need to know these 3 important water survival skills to prevent from drowning. These skills are applicable in almost all water bodies like sea, river and lake. This is also helpful to guide you on how to survive in a flood. This video will give you important tips on how to survive in the sea, river or lake.

If you are a beginner swimmer or thinking of picking up swimming as a sports or hobby, you have come to the right place. Here you will show you the simple swimming techniques that you can bring to the pool so you can move around in the water safely and with joy. This is a channel full of resources for you to learn to swim.

Here we believe swimming is a life saving skill that everyone should know regardless of your age and gender. Here we believe “A family that swims together stays together”

Videos will be uploaded on a weekly basis.


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