Absolute Beginner's Guide for ARK: Survival Evolved | 2021 | PC #ark #arksurvivalevolved #arkguide


Hello there everybody and welcome to the Absolute Beginner’s Guide for ARK: Survival Evolved! I tried my best to organize what I thought to be all of the important information that you will need to know when first starting out on ARK, either as a new or returning player. There was of course some things I didn’t include for the sake of keeping the tutorial under 30 minutes, but hopefully I captured the important things. Hopefully some of you find this guide helpful or entertaining!

~~~Table of Contents~~~
0:00 Introduction
0:44 Character Creation / Controls
3:21 Experience and Leveling
5:02 Engrams/ Blueprints
5:53 Food / Water
7:19 Insulation
8:06 Resources
9:30 Crafting Tools
10:38 Crafting Weapons
11:40 Crafting Armor
14:30 Building a Base / Crafting Stations
21:34 Taming / Breeding / Mating
28:30 Conclusion

ARK Tutorial Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLibB8JIWDizrX7cHEpscY6EOev2YBZglC

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*I own or have all of the rights to use all of the music & sound effects in my videos*

“Rize_Up” – Youtube Audio Library (Used in Intro/Outro)
“Glen_Canyon” (Dan LeBowitz) – Youtube Audio Library
“ES_Even If the Sky Is Falling Down” (Instrumental, Candelion) – Epidemic Sound
“ES_Projections” (Instrumental, Daniel Gunnarsson) – Epidemic Sound
“ES_Faster Car (Acoustic Version)” (Loving Caliber) – Epidemic Sound
“ES_Deep and Abiding” (Instrumental, Dayon) – Epidemic Sound
“ES_Pressure” (Instrumental, Candelion) – Epidemic Sound
“ES_Best for You (Instrumental Version, Dayon) – Epidemic Sound
“ES_Lucky Day” (Loving Caliber) – Epidemic Sound

“HitSmack” – Pond5 (purchased)
“Latch_Opening_Closing” – Youtube Audio Library

“Woosh Sound” – Mark DiAngelo
License: CC Attribution 3.0

“Extreme Horror FX Sound” – Mike Koenig
License: CC Attribution 3.0

“Click On” – Mike Koenig
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