Canteen survival kit with a big knife


Check out the updated canteen survival kit new for 2023. Similar in some ways to the previous version, but without the more gimmicky items. Please like the video, comment and subscribe!

My G-Shock Mudmaster watch

Helikon Tex Essential Kitbag
Maxpedition Mini Rollypolly
Reusable zip ties
Wazoo orange zip ties
The Knife Connection Architect Field Buddy 6.5
Petzl E+ emergency headlamp
Thrunite Ti3 V2
Leatherman Charge+ orange G10
Leatherman Signal sharpener replacement
Mini Bic lighter
Exotac 4 hour candle
Uberleben candle wick
Helikon Tex wrist compass
Grim Workshop Line Card
Wazoo aluminum foil
Folding mirror
DOT reflective tape
Pro Meal Bar
Titan Mylar signal blanket XL
Atwood micro utility cord
Gorilla tape
Write in the rain notebook paper
Victorinox pen insert
Instant coffee
Wysi wipe towels
Travel toothbrush
Classic chapstick
Travel eye drops
Triple antibiotic ointment
Steri strips
Surgical stainless blade
Self Reliance Outfitters canteen kit
Cotton bandana
Titanium stakes
Parapocalypse cord
Bank line
Stainless spoon
Anker Powercore slim
InCharge X
Wazoo water reservoir
Floss singles
Potable aqua tabs
Nootropics capsules



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