Chances are you’ve gone out unprepared. Lots of people do. Then something unexpected happens like bad weather, getting lost, an injury, an animal attack, a fall, or the like. Then your “day trip” turns into a survival situation. And Murphy’s Law says this will all happen when you have no cell phone contact.
So we’re going to go prepared with a SAWC-focused Nutnfancy Survival Kit! Much philosophy ensues in this video series because people will get confused exactly what this kits is supposed to do for us. Some take the silly caveman approach and go out unprepared as possible to prove their manhood. Others integrate stupid, heavy stuff they’d never really carry. We’ll be a bit smarter here while covering critical bases.
As story telling and philosophy interweaves in the series, I will cover each item in the Dayhike Survival Kit (DSK) . My kit has changed over time as new technology produces lighter, more capable survival items. We’ll cover Signaling, Shelter, Fire, Tools, Lighting, and more. The Nutnfancy FAK concept is different and is covered in other videos and in future updates.
Our goal here isn’t to spend more time with limited supplies in the wilderness. You can do that some other time (like many YouTubers do). Instead we will accept the discomfort of a survival situation, get our priorities organized, take care of immediate needs, and focus on summoning help to get back home.
So here’s another fun and informative WILDERNESS SYSTEMS PHILOSOPHY VIDEO SERIES only made possible by Elite TNP Donors that make this work worthwhile for me! Be one!

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Garmin InReach Mini:
Cold Steel Western Hunter, FFG 9 oz:
SOL Emergency Blanket, I prefer the sleeping bags though:
Olight i3T AAA super bright lights:
Olight S2R Baton II:
Olight Warrior Mini 2:
Cold Steel Western Hunter, FFG 9 oz:
Stansport Emergency Mylar Sleeping bag:
SOL Emergency Blanket, I prefer the sleeping bags though:
Cold Steel Voyager:
Cold Steel Finn Hawk lightweight fixed blade:
Cold Steel “Scalper Slack” lightweight fixed blade:
Cold Steel Finn Bear lightweight fixed blade:
Knives of Alaska Yukon belt knife:
Crux Lite Micro Stove:
Trioxane Fuel Bars:
UCO Match case, lifeboat matches included:
Kelty Redwing 50 Backpack:
Orion 12 ga flare pistol with flares:
Plastic poop shovel:
Mylar emergency sleeping bag:
Commando wire saw:
Mylar tube tent:
Emergency poncho:
Windproof adjustable flame lighers I like:
Compact mosquito headset, multipurpose:
Cyalume sticks:
Para Cord:
“Emberlit” (or like) folding stove, burns wood:
Compact scissors:
SOG PowerPint muti-tool @ BHQ:
Titanium compact cookset (use top lid):
Reflective tacks:
Fox 40 whistle and others:
SOG Ace fixed blade:
Lifestraw water straw filter:
Sagan XStream remote water straw filter:
BHQ Special Victorinox Blue Crazy Wolf knives, so cool, will sell quick: (Super Tinker, Classic, Huntsman, Tinker)
Optimus Crux Lite 8019259:
BRS Ultralight Super compact stove, 1 oz, reviewed:
Trioxane fuel bars:
Lighters I like (“Bundle-Clipper”):
Cold Steel Tanto Lite:
Cold Steel Huntsman Lite:
Ultimate Survival Sabercut Razor saw (not found):
Coghlan Map Compass:
SUUNTO A-30L Compass:
Suunto “Clipper” compact compass:
Potable Aqua purification tablets:
Eagle Creek Packing cubes, xlnt DSK container:
Snow Peak titanium cup:
“Light My Fire” brand 1/4” fire steel:
Fire starter/Scraper Orange Alum:



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