Eliminating Those PESKY Field Bandits In DayZ PVP #shorts




Hope you enjoy! This is what DayZ PVP is all about. You never know when you’ll come across another player, or how they will react to your presence. Stay tuned to LionPride Gaming where I will be releasing more DayZ PVP videos, as well as other content. Subscribe to see more hardcore DayZ PVP! This channel is still growing so please feel free to leave a comment below and SMASH that like button!

Welcome to my YouTube channel! I’m LionPride Gaming, this is a new DayZ PvP YouTube Channel that specializes in bringing high-quality content and entertainment to the DayZ PvP community. I’ve been an avid gamer most of my life, and I recently decided to turn this hobby into a profession! Going forward you can expect weekly videos and memorable gaming experiences. Currently, my channel is focused on DayZ PvP Moments, but I play a variety of types of missions with friends and head into the wilderness to test our might against the unpredictable forces of survival. Subscribe if you’re interested in watching gaming content or DayZ PvP videos! Thanks for visiting!

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