Fast Managarmr Taming Guide :: Ark : Survival Evolved Tips and Tricks


In this video I show you how to tame a Managarmr. Surprisingly, they aren’t all that difficult, well except for the fact they can do a disappearing act when they boost into a Mammoth. That was a really weird thing that happened very consistently. I would hope that there was something wrong with my installation of Ark, but I googled it and it has been happening since Managarmr were introduced in the extinction expansion. As far as I can tell, it doesn’t happen with tamed Managarmr; at least, I couldn’t induce it to happen.

You wake up in the middle of nowhere, maybe it’s a beach, a mountain, a forest, or a jungle, but it is no place that you have known. There is a strange device implanted into your arm. Welcome to the ark. The place where long extinct creatures eat you while you feebly try to survive. This series is my attempt to show you little things that will help you flourish.

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ARK: Genesis Part 2

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