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Gerber’s Off-Road Survival Kit equips you with rugged, emergency tools for any situation, be that a flat tire, flood, volcano, earthquake, hurricane, tsunami, monsoon, or skinned knee. This is a gift for any man with a car, SUV, or truck, be it a Ford, Chrysler, Mercedes, BMW, Toyota, or Honda. This gift will also work for a motor boat like Bayliner, Sea Ray, Chris-Craft, Yamaha, or Honda. This Gerber Off-Road Survival Kit has it all: an axe, hand saw, Mag-Lite, shovel, knife, and much more. All components are made of heavy duty materials to help you survive an emergency. Never get stuck on the road without this Gerber Off-Road Survival Kit. This is a gift that any man wants, and every man should have.

-Multi-Pliers 600 Multi-tool for on the road repairs
-Exchange-a-Blade Hand Saw to get through thick bone or wood with a third of the effort required by a normal saw
-Expert-M MAG-Lite 2D cell flashlight that is water and shock resistant and made of machined aluminum
-Concertina Cutter
-Back Paxe Axe to make short work of anything that gets in your way
-First Aid Kit
-12-Inch by 11-Inch by 3-Inch the perfect size for sticking under or behind a seat

Every once in a while a gift idea comes along that scores big points for practicality. Gerber’s Off-Road Survival Kit is a perfect gift example. With an easy-to-stow portfolio of rugged emergency tools, this survival kit is ideal for the car, truck, SUV, boat, motorcycle, ATV or any motorized vehicle. Velcro strips keep the whole survival kit tightly secured to vehicle carpeting. The kit includes a Multi-Pliers 600 for on-the-road repairs, a back pack axe to make short work of anything that gets in your way, a water and shock resistant, machined aluminum MAG-Lite 2D cell flashlight, a compact folding spade, and an Exchange-A-Blade hand saw to get through thick bone (127 Hours anyone?) or wood with a third of the effort required by a normal saw. The whole package measures only 12-Inch by 11-Inch by 3-Inch, the perfect size for sticking under or behind a seat. It has never been easier to be prepared or fend for yourself. The Gerber Off-Road Survival Kit includes: Multi-Pliers 600, back pack axe, folding spade, exchange-a-blade saw, flashlight and compact, durable case.

Q: Is the survival kit durable?
A: Yes, in recent tests, it survived an onslaught of hand to hand fighters specializing in Ninjutsu, Kung Fu, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga, and Judo. It even withstood a Scottish kiss. So it passed all of our rigorous safety tests.

Q: Why is a shovel included?
A: Sometimes your vehicle will get stuck in snow, sand, or dirt, and this multiuse shovel can dig you out of a jam. Rumor has it, that this shovel was tried and tested by US military and Allied Forces in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We are not told it is being used in the war against Iran.

Q: I have a Toyota Prius. Is the Gerber Survival Kit environmentally friendly?
A: You must work in Hollywood. We do not have all of the carbon footprint data on the survival kit, it is specifically designed with Mother Nature in mind, specifically to cut down trees, dig holes, and make sure your vehicle your vehicle continues on unobstructed by anything Mother Nature might throw at you.

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