How To Make Bannock Bread – Survival Bread Recipe For Preppers, Hiking, Backpacking Or Camping


I the video I show how to make a delicious Bannock Bread. Tasy survival bread is quite easy to make and this is my own Bannock recipe that I use for backpacking and outdoors camping and is a firm preppers favourite.

Easily carried in a bugout bag, this native bread is ideal food for any prepping practice or hiking trips.
Easily cooked over a campfire, this bannock bread recipe can be made before going out and sealed ready to just add some water for a nice big bannock loaf.

When the SHTF this will be a good choice of food to make with limited ingredients and simple campfire cooking.
Bannock is an unleavened bread also known as flat bread or quick bread, with Celtic origins from Northern England and Scotland.

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