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How to survive crocodile or tiger attack? What should you do if you are bitten by a snake? Wild elephants are hazardous animal. So, stay away from them. If the elephant comes to you while walking in the forest, keep running immediately. Because every animal will chase you if we run. So, if there is an elephant in front of you, stop and shout get away from this place.

It will go away by seeing you and making some noises two or three times. In case if they ready to attack you, start to run. But don’t run straight, because if there is a crocodile, you have to run straight away but if there is an elephant, we should run in a curve shape. So, run fastly as much as possible and hide in some places. So, the elephant is gone guys, come on we can see the next animal.

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Intro – 00:00
Crocodile – 01:47
Wolf – 02:40
Elephant – 03:34
Snake – 04:24
Tiger – 05:55

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