Into the Wild Zone – Dinosaur Survival Tips @TRexRanch | Jurassic TV


After Maddie is accidently zapped into the Wild Zone, she must use her survival skills to hide from the dinosaurs. Zoey attempts to track her down before it’s to late.



Jurassic TV is home to the very best Dinosaur videos! We have cool and scary dinosaurs for all your Dino needs! Toy Dinosaurs, Flying Dinosaurs, even Funny Dinosaurs, we have it all!

Watch fun toy unboxing, and opening videos of new dinosaur toys, and much more!

Imagine moving to a new neighbourhood only to find out the next-door neighbour was a Dinosaur Ranch!! Come along on the ultimate playdate with Aaron and LB and all the other rangers at T-Rex Ranch, looking after all the different dinosaurs in the park. They use dinsaur toys and invent cool gadgets to help them protect and care for the dinosaurs in their park.


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Episode Timestamps:

00:00 Into the Wild Zone – Dinosaur Survival Tips

13:33 The Scavenger Hunt

26:14 Hide and Seek Box Fort

37:43 Freaky Ranch Friday


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