Primitive Tongs – Essential Survival Tools


Learn to make a super simple set of tongs from a Hickory sapling with Matt Tate, Owner of American Survival Co. and Certified Survival Instructor. Tongs are a great tool for wilderness survival and allow you to manipulate your fire, can make a great cooking tool, and can help aid in water purification if you are using a method like rock boiling.

American Survival Co provides training from combat-tested veterans and certified survival instructors who are passionate about preparing you to survive emergency situations, creating more self-reliance and increasing your confidence and safety as you adventure. From combat in Fallujah, to the remote mountains of Afghanistan and the jungles of Costa Rica, we have trained for and actively survived in some of the world’s most unforgiving environments. We understand how knowledge, honed skills and mindset will work together to determine your response and success in any emergency.

American Survival Co. offers Bushcraft Skills & Survival Skills courses in Florida, Arkansas, Maine, Georgia and traveling around the globe to provide private training and corporate events.

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