Real Survival Tool? || Leatherman Signal Field Review


Check out a little something we have been working on:

0:01 Intro
0:17 What makes the Leatherman Signal a Survival Multi-Tool?
0:36 Built In Sharpener good for serrations!
1:05 Built In Ferro Road and Whistle.
2:26 How To Start a Fire With The Leatherman Signal
3:05 How useful is the knife blade and saw on the Leatherman Signal?
4:25 Full Breakdown of all the tools on the inside of the Signal
5:39 How To Lock the Leatherman Signal
6:24 The Leatherman Signal Dilemma or Advantage
7:06 Bit Drivers and Extensions for mechanical work
7:58 The Most Important hack/mod for your Leatherman Signal Bit Holder.
8:24 Using the Leatherman Signal in a Bugout/Go Bag
9:35 Final Thoughts on the Leatherman Signal

The Leatherman Signal is billed as an outdoor survival Multi-tool. It could be something great to put in a bugout bag, hiking kit, an EDC bag, or even Moto camping tool kit. We’re taking it out in the wild today and putting it through the paces to see if the Leatherman Signal can hold up to some real world survival situations. This is is everything you need to know about the Leatherman Signal!



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