SNOW CAVE CAMPING | Easy "how-to" & safety tips | Winter camping survival


Learn how to Build a Snow Cave from an expert + the noob who now knows (;

We spent the night Snow Cave Camping here in Alaska! We hope in this video will give you a glimpse into the building process along with leaving you with some “how-to” and safety tips.

Snow caves are an important SURVIVAL TECHNIQUE for winter camping and to shelter in snow storms, as long as you make sure to follow the correct SAFETY guidelines.

About 5 min into the video we display a snow cave DIAGRAM that will show how to build the perfect snow cave that will keep you warm and won’t collapse on you 🙌

Winter in Alaska can drop deep into the negative temperatures, so in order to spend the night actually SLEEPING in the snow cave we had to make sure it was built correctly.

Hope you enjoy our DIY snow cave and that this gets you out there building your own! Stay safe and have fun!



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