Sons of Matthew


Charles Chauvel, pioneering director of Jedda and 40 000 Horsemen, produced Sons of Matthew in 1949. Based on a true story, it is set in Queensland’s rugged Canungra and Lamington Plateau. Inspired by a courageous true story, Sons of Matthew is the remarkable tale of three generations of the O’Riordan family, a tight-knit unit working together to survive the harsh realities of rural Australian life – a land of drought, bushfires and cyclones. Destined to settle the rugged frontier land of South East Queensland, theirs is a story of heartache, rivalry and human resilience. Brought to life in stunning detail by pioneering filmmaker Charles Chauvel, featuring Michael Pate, John O’Malley, John Ewart and Wendy Gibb, Sons of Matthew explores Australia’s hostile terrain and climate, a place where survival depends on a tough rural instinct, measured by blood and brotherhood. Fully restored and presented in a brand new transfer, Sons of Matthew captures the quintessential Aussie spirit of hard work, mateship and the timeless struggle between man and nature. RELEASED BY ARRANGEMENT WITH THE CHAUVEL FILM TRUST (c) RIC CHAUVEL CARLSSON



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