Space Engineers Tutorial: Building Your First Base (Part 6 of a survival tutorial series)


This Space Engineers tutorial covers the basics of building your first base on a planet. This base design is focused on the necessary industrial functions for survival, with a little bit of design flair thrown in.

At the end of the video I show a quick design I made to cover the refineries, assemblers and everything else, you can find the world save on the Steam workshop at this link:

I hope you find this one useful, I’ve got a few more base building topics that will need to be covered in the future including lighting and an automated sorting setup.

This following bit is an intro that I ended cutting out of the video but may be useful as it highlights a number of the things that are useful to think about when starting your base:

The biggest challenge in building a base is that it’s strapped down, you can’t move it. Once you’ve started building and you don’t like where you are, the only option is a painful one – start all over again somewhere else. So, before you start your build it can be useful to think through some of the roles the base will play so your design can be all you hope it can be.

The industrial aesthetic of Space Engineers has always encouraged me to think in terms of form following function. I set out in my head the various functions I want in my base, then try to fit the form to that in some sort of interesting way. The different functions you might have in mind for your base are almost endless. Still, you may want to consider these functions for all of your bases and if you exclude one, know why you’re doing that.

1. Power, whether this is with reactors, solar panels, batteries or a combination, having some idea from the start will help

2. Storage, depending on the size of the base this could be anything from a 100m long room full of large cargo containers to a couple of small ones strung together

3. Assemblers, If you’re building a base then I’m going to assume you’ll want to be able to build or repair things there, well we need components so we need one or more assemblers

4. Refineries, these are big and heavy, so why bother shipping them around, just bring the ore back home and process it there. A few of these with some arc furnaces if you like variety and your base will be singing with activity

5. Hangar or landing pad, you’ll almost always have at least one vehicle capable of flight so it needs somewhere to park and if it collects or uses resources then you should really have somewhere to store it

6. Garage, I like rovers, even when they’re broken and cause you endless hassles, I like driving around so whenever I build a base that could be entered by vehicles trapped on the surface I want somewhere to store them too

7. Medbay, as soft and squishy creatures we need somewhere to go when everything goes wrong, this could also be where you put your oxygen and hydrogen supplies

8. Living areas, We’re people so we like having somewhere to sleep, relax and entertain ourselves. Sadly the vanilla game doesn’t have much in the way of props for this but there are many great modders out there who have so this is where I’d dive into the mods if you like a little bit of interior design

9. Defence, think about what enemies you’re likely to face and take a stab at what you might think will be an effective way to defend but don’t be afraid to make your defence slightly less effective if it looks a whole lot cooler.

There are more, but those 9 should be enough to get you thinking and designing something that will work and if need be you can rebuild sections later if that will make them look or function better.

As always, don’t forget to enjoy this awesome (if at times buggy) game!

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