The Forest: Putting the Survival into Survival Horror

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So the forest is the pinnacle of early access survival games and spookiness where you crash land on a mysterious peninsula where a bunch of mutants don’t seem to be too fond of your presence. Where even are you? Who are these mutants and why are they here? What’s the story behind the forest and who are the Sahara Laboratories???

The Forest is one of the best times I’ve had getting spooked while trying to craft a huge base and exploring the caves is almost like and entirely different game. I’m pretty hype that the forest 2, called “Sons of the Forest” is coming out this year (there’s no real release date though) Here’s that trailer we all saw at The Game Awards if you missed it. Also here’s the trailer that didn’t get spread around so much too. looks like our shopper definitely got taken down by a creepy mutant.

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