What to Do When a Moose Charges You


Moose aren’t afraid of us humans, and therefore, don’t usually run away at the sight of people. This fact makes it all the more tempting to approach a moose – to touch, to pet, to feed. Unfortunately, that can turn out to be a grave mistake. By nature, moose aren’t normally aggressive toward people, but if you provoke one, the consequences can be fatal.

Just like most living beings on this planet, moose will do anything to protect their babies or their territory once they decide that you’re threatening them. Don’t buy into the misconception that because moose look kinda bored and slow, they’re sluggish. In fact, you’re unlikely to outrun these animals should one of them decide to attack. So, what should you do when you see a moose in your path? Are you supposed to keep walking? Or is it time to back off?

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When moose tend to be more aggressive than usual 2:45
What to do if an attack is imminent? 3:16 😱
Some preventative moose safety tips 4:15
What to do when you see a bear 5:39
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– The most dangerous thing about this animal is that occasionally, it may just charge at you out of the blue, without any warning!
– You should always remember that a moose is a wild animal and it’s unwise to disturb it. On top of that, there are several seasons when moose tend to be more aggressive than usual.
– It happens in the winter when animals are starving and exhausted from trudging through deep snow; in late spring and early summer when cows are overprotective of their newborn calves; and in the fall during the breeding season.
– Do NOT try to intimidate or scare the moose – it won’t work. Back off and run as fast as you can. Try to hide behind the nearest tree, building, or fence that can serve as a barrier between you and the furious animal.
– If the moose has managed to knock you to the ground, curl up in a tight ball.
– Don’t rush to get up from the ground as soon as it seems like the moose has left. Wait until it’s a good distance away.
– Do NOT approach a moose too closely. If you want to observe these animals, watch them from a safe distance of at least 50 feet.
– Moose aren’t great at stress management; that’s why, if they see people coming up too closely, they may start panicking and can charge.
– Do NOT feed a moose. These animals are quite demanding, and if a moose decides that you haven’t shared as much food as it expected, its anger will be terrifying.
– If you’re walking in the forest with your dog, keep it on a leash. A moose can mistake your pooch for a wolf and attack it.
– Never walk between a moose mother and her baby. If you notice you’ve unwittingly done it, back away immediately! Maybe it’s not too late!
– If you’re driving, and a moose decides to cross your path, let it go first.
– There are several rules that apply to all kinds of bears. For example, never come up to a female bear with cubs.
– Do NOT make any high-pitched noises and don’t scream – you might agitate the bear even more.
– Without taking your eyes off the bear, start to move sideways, it’ll keep you from tripping and falling down.
– If you’ve encountered a wolf or a wild cat, try to make yourself look larger to intimidate the animal. Open your jacket, wave your hands, or jump up and down.
– Never turn your back to the animal or run. It’ll provoke an attack. While keeping eye contact with the animal, slowly back away.
– If you can reach a rock or a branch without having to bend over, throw it in the direction of the animal to scare it away.
– If the animal charges at you, do your best to remain standing, and use any heavy object you can find to fend the animal off until it flees.

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